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Big Hammer Sledge Hammer 9” Swimbait 2ct.

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 We Buy Big Hammer in Bulk! So, we sell them in 2 counts so you can get the amount and colors you want. Loose Bulk is the way you would buy them in most tackle stores. Try multiple colors to figure out what the fish want on any particular day. 

Designed to fish shallow inshore structure where big, mean "boiler bass" call home. The long skinny design of the 9" Sledge Hammer imitates the large bait fish such as smelt and mackerel that are frequently found in these "skinny water" areas usually full of ledges, rocks, crevices, etc. Designed as just an elongated version of Big Hammer's 5½" swimbait, the new sledge Hammer has proven to be much more versatile than originally planned. It swims very well on the sink or drop making it a good deeper water bait ideal for rockfish, lingcod and other deep water species. In addition to that it can be rigged weedless with a wide gap hook and with the tail intact or as a slug with the tail removed. Jig Heads: The Sledge Hammer works best with a 1 oz. jig head with a 8/0 hook. But, will work with various sizes and as mentioned above can be rigged weedless on a large wide gap worm hook.