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Bobby Garland 2-1/4” Slab Hunt’R Swimbait

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Designed by master crappie angler Bobby Garland, this bait is known by crappie anglers everywhere for consistently turning slow slab days into memorable ones. It's basically a miniature 2-inch shad body with a bow tie tail. 

While it looks like a do-nothing type of plastic, the tail has incredible action on everything from a cast and retrieve to vertical jigging and dead sticking it on light line. It is durable and features a plump profile body that tapers to a bow tie tail that creates loads of enticing, dancing action that crappie can't resist. 

Additionally, this bait comes in a vast variety of colors, meaning there's a color to fit every situation, water clarity, and mood of a crappie. Grab an 10 pack today and watch the slabs pour in on your next outing!

  • 2 1/4" Solid Body
  • Bow Tie Tail
  • Designed to Entice Crappie (other panfish too)
  • Will Trigger Bites
  • Durable and Long Lasting