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Shimano SP Orca Baby 42g Jig Saltwater Lure

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The SP-ORCA Baby is a small subsurface lure that provides offshore anglers the ability to catch finicky pelagic species that are keyed in on smaller baits. With its small compact body and heavy center weight anglers won’t have to sacrifice casting distance. When fishing the SP-ORCA Baby allow the lure to sink to the desired depth and retrieve with a jerking motion, flipping the bail between jerks to allow the lure to sink back to the desired depth. Repeat this motion until the lure is out of the strike zone. The SP-ORCA Baby will wobble and slowly sink in a horizontal position and have a rolling action when retrieved with steady jerks of the rod.


  • Length: 90mm 3 1/2"
  • Weight: 42g-1 1/2oz
  • Type: SINKING
  • Depth: SUB-SURFACE