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Tady Lures TSP Tuna Slow Pitch Jigs

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Tady Lures TSP Tuna Slow Pitch Jigs

The new Tuna versions of the Tady TSP jigs are a much needed change in the jig market, the unique front and rear shape create a wide sweeping action when jigged and an erratic fall on the drop. These are a new design made with shorter and heavier sizes than the standard TSP jigs from Tady, specifically targeted for the big bluefin due to the extra weight and depth they can be used at. Since these are slow pitch jigs you can also use more specialized lighter tackle to really give a great action to the jigs, but they are still usable on bigger heavier reels for a quick drop and retrieve in-fact we encourage you to use them that way for the bigger bluefin. If you are lucky enough to have a nice Slow Pitch setup you can use these for many different species at a variety of current conditions, since they are a bit shorter than the original TSP’s they will work better on a drift or in higher current especially with the added weights.


  • Holographic Finish On All Lures
  • Through-Wired Construction
  • Glow Back Pattern for Tuna
  • Assist Hooks Included