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Tady Lures Slow Pitch Jigs

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Tady Lures Slow Pitch Jigs Flutter Fall 

When casted out, the lure will swim away from you in a darting motion. As the lure swims back and forth, the lure will flicker showing the V-glow pattern. These features will attract game fish from further distances.The unique swimming action of Tady Lures has earned them a reputation along the West Coast as the go to lure. For more than 40 years, Tady has been proving that its lures are among the best jigging lures available. 


  • Hologram finish to attract game fish

  • Wire through construction durability

  • V Glow pattern to attract fish from a distance

  • Designed to fish on the fall or retrieve

  • 150g, 200g are Un-Rigged (add your own hooks)

  • 250g, 320g Lures Come Rigged w/ Tandem Assist Hooks